Jul 3 2012 - 12:00pm

Painting and Sculpture
Curated by Arlene Bujese

Josh Dayton, Carol Hunt, Fulvio Massi,Tom Wasik
Sculpture: Dennis Leri

Gallery Hours: Monday - Saturday 12 - 4 PM or by appointment
Reception: Thursday, July 5th from 5 - 7 PM

The exhibition features 5 directions in the mode of abstraction.

Whatever the point of departure for abstract art, be it object, nature, figurative, or an imagined image, the subjective impulse usually dominates once the work is in process. The artist will most often stop to analyze a work; there are objective considerations. But the impetus to continue, to make changes, to re-form, can be viewed as mostly driven by one's intuitive nature

Josh Dayton combines painted collage shapes with gestural paint strokes on large, open light space, giving a sculptural effect to the paintings wherein positive and negative space interract for dynamic effect. Imagery is necessarily controlled by the painted forms which are set into motion by the curvilinear strokes.

Carol Hunt is the definitive Abstract Expressionist painter within the group. Broad strokes painted in oil, interact with drawing and larger shapes on a solid ground. In most works use of space and somewhat delicate line evoke Asian imagery.

Dennis Leri is showing a series of large painted metal sculpture. In some works, large, rectangular planes, some with cut out areas, are welded to form sharp angular works which soar into space, while in others, the metal is cut into curved forms which are welded to form a multi-faceted, more grounded structure.

Fulvio Massi combines acrylic, pastel, graphite and paper on canvas to create highly activated surfaces of drawing and color. Freely drawn circular, usually black, lines work throughout the canvas, meeting up with flat or textural form giving dynamic movement to the various elements.

Tom Wasik approaches abstraction through a more methodical method of building up numerous colored dots or slashes to give a minimalist effect in terms of imagery, but a very active surface due to interraction of color. Some paintings will have numerous shades and tints of green, others orange or blue. Colors form passages which gradate from light to dark, from top to bottom of the canvas, or vice-versa


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